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Ban Chuan Building Construction Private Limited


Company history

Ban Chuan Building Construction Private Limited (Ban Chuan) was founded in 1980 as a sole proprietary company specializing in Singapore public housing projects. The company was later privatized in 2000. Since, the company had undergone major changes such as adopting ISO 9001 management system, OSHAS 18001 safety management system and ISO14001 Environmental management system. Ban Chuan is currently registered under CWO1 General Builder license (B2). 

Core Business

The core business activities of Ban Chuan include re-erection, addition & alteration, and reconstruction of residential, institutional and commercial buildings. The company specializes in the niche market of religious buildings such as Churches and Hindu temples in Singapore.

Human Capital

Ban Chuan values its Human Capital. Therefore as we build for others we seeks to build our people as well in the area of professional development. We are constantly seeking competent and qualify candidates to join us.

Future outlook

Ban Chuan is constantly improving the manner it conduct businesses with business partners. In order to do that the company have to take in consideration the current external business environment and internal management. It is therefore imperative that the organisation continues to upgrade itself through the following two areas;

1) Technology adoption- Replacing traditional labour intensive work processes with mechanization and software management system eg; BIMs.

2) Human Capital- Adopting best practices in the area of Project Management, Procurement, and Human Resource Management.



Build to Grow;

-Our Valued Clients

-Our Trusted Partners

-& Our People

Shared Values and Growth Culture for

We shall seek to;
  1. Emphasize the future, not the past
  2. Emphasize the possibility, not the constraints
  3. Encourage risk taking and discourage political protecting
  4. Look for alternatives before seeking closure
  5. Ensure a high level of personal freedom and trust
  6. Reach customers outside, through the employees inside
  7. Reward collective, not individual, successes, but maintain clear individual accountabilities.